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The Art Of The Brick The Art Of The Brick
The most famous LEGO® Art exhibition in the world!
Tickets go on public sale wednesday, 5th october, at 12 p.m.
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  • Family-friendly
  • Great variety of sculptures
  • Play Area

The Art Of The Brick Brussels

The Exhibition

One of CNN’s Top 10 Most Unmissable Exhibitions!

After touring several cities and entering CNN's list of “Must-See” exhibitions, it has finally return to Brussels. The Art of the Brick immerses the visitor in the world of Nathan Sawaya: a cheerful and colourful world. The artist used more than a million bricks for this exhibition, creating over 70 works of art that can make adults and children smile and reflect. The collection includes a great variety of sculptures alongside re-imagined versions of some of the world’s most famous art masterpieces, such as Michelangelo’s David, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Dinosauro con LEGO® bricks nella mostra The Art Of The Brick Milano

The World's Best Known Exhibit of LEGO ® Art

Among the wonders, visitors will also find a 6-metre-long reproduction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and an innovative, multimedia collection of LEGO photography produced alongside award-winning photographer Dean West. Don’t miss this exciting exhibition seen by over 10 million people worldwide! What are you waiting for?

The Art Of The Brick Milano

Play Area and Construction

As part of the exhibition, a Play and Build area has been created for both adults and children alike, where they will have free reign to embrace their creativity.

Il Bacio di Klimt ricreato con mattoncini LEGO®


  1. Date: Oct 2022
  2. Duration: The visit will take around 60 minutes
  3. Age Requirements: All ages are welcome! From 0 to 100 years old… or older!(free admission for children under 4)
  4. Prices: Ticket prices start at 16€ for an adult
Visit ‘The Art of The Brick’ by train! Buy a Discovery Ticket by using the SNCB code on sncb.be/discovery and travel return to Brussels Central Station with 50% discount.
The Art Of The Brick Milano

The Art Of The Brick Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars

What people think about our exhibit in Milano.

  • Violetta D.

    “Unthinkable what you can build, think and design with colored bricks!”

  • Chiara D.

    “Very enjoyable exhibition for both adults and children. There are so many works to admire.”

  • Luca S.

    “Must-see exhibition for LEGO lovers. Works unique in their beauty. Seeing them you realise that even with simple bricks you can create something amazing.”

  • Alessandra B.

    “Very interesting exhibition for adults as well”

  • Luca C.

    “Must see...very nice LEGO exhibit.”

  • Anna Z.

    “Particularly beautiful exhibition!!! Especially at the end where the kids have a chance to play and build something with Lego bricks.”

  • Rocco A.

    “It was a very positive experience, both the exhibition and the author's ideas were amazing.”

  • Massimo Z.

    “Beautiful, especially the paintings which impressed us a lot. The whole environment is very nice.”

Nathan Sawaya, The World's Best-known LEGO ® Artist .

In July 2011, Sawaya won Most Creative Unusual Artist in New York’s Unique Art Awards 2011, an award given to global artists who stand out for their non-traditional and unconventional works of art. His global touring exhibitions, THE ART OF BRICK, feature large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks: LEGO® bricks to be exact.

Beautiful, playful and fun, Sawaya’s work is the result of obsessively precise and painstakingly crafted work. Nathan Sawaya has earned a top position in the world of contemporary art. He has created a new dimension by merging Pop Art and Surrealism in awe-inspiring and groundbreaking ways with the ability to shape our feelings.

Nathan Sawaya - L’Artista LEGO<sup>®</sup>

Nathan Sawaya - The LEGO® Artist

His art consists of knowing how to play with matter, colour, movement, light and perspective, to create emotions which capture and surprise us through creativity.


Grand Place 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.
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  • Un sommozzatore fatto interamente di mattoncini LEGO®
  • LEGO® bricks a The Art Of The Brick Milano
  • Il David di Michelangelo fatto interamente di mattoncini LEGO®
  • Opere d'arte fatte interamente con mattoncini LEGO®
  • Opere d'arte fatte interamente con mattoncini LEGO®
  • La Ragazza con l'orecchino di perla ricreata con mattoncini LEGO®


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